Blog Structure


Commitment is good for this woman’s soul. However, in light of my own humanity, I will post whenever possible. No more, no less.


Welcome to BecomingJennie.



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  1. This. Is. BRILLIANT (echo, echo, echo)!! I love structure and organization, maybe this is why I love writing so much? Bravo, Jennie!


  2. John Smith

    August 31, 2012

    i’m sorry… why are you asserting this is not a blog?

    • The structure is that of a blog. WordPress, I’m guessing?

      However, the content here is different.

      For example, I have a blog too,
      I mostly write about other people, events, news.

      Jenny writes about her own life. It’s like a diary.


  3. James Andrews

    September 20, 2012

    Unfettered Honesty. I read this blog about once a month, and I leave with Jenny’s words always feeling better.

  4. I really like what you write about mostly. What I like about it is your honesty in telling your story. So this is why I feel like I can say this to you now, I’m being honest. Why don’t you ever write like you say you are going to in this blog structure? I know you are busy but you should be able to find time to write here since you say it helps you so much. Is this because know one has called you on it before now? I tend to do the same thing, keep pushing a little bit more until someone says something and I reel it back in. I think it’s human nature to do that. If you really don’t have time anymore then say you don’t have time for this blog and move on. I don’t think your heart is in it anymore.


    • becomingjennie

      December 28, 2012

      I appreciate the comment, and you are good to call me on it. I think I need to remove the structure of the blog… there is something about requiring myself to do it that takes away from the intrinsic enjoyment. That being said, you are wrong in your assessment that I “don’t have time for it… (or that my heart isn’t in it anymore).”

      I haven’t made time for it. That doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. My participation in the space comes in waves. I do what I can.

    • Just read your latest post and you forgot to mention how you failed at keeping up with this blog. Just saying it like it is.

      • And who are you to make this conclusion, exactly?

        This blog has touched thousands of people. It still continues to do that.

        On another note, the author here writes when she has an inspiration to write. She is not on a schedule to produce something on a bi-weekly basis.

        P.S. Jenny, Happy New Year to you!


      • becomingjennie

        January 12, 2013

        you sweet thing. thanks Jessica. xo

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