The to do day

Posted on May 16, 2009


And yet, another iPhone update:

I have nothing to do. It’s starting to stress me out actually, which is funny because when I was walking around Europe, with nothing to do, no place to be and no commitments to fulfill, I felt free, free as a bird. Well, a drunk bird I should say.

My entire Europe trip consisted of bars, sidewalk cafes and private corners In which I could smoke a hash spliff. Getting on the metro, eating crepes, and looking around the unknown world through drunken eyes. I realize I have the same lack of commitments, destination, but cannot fill my days with sidewalk cafes drinking wine at noon, nor shall I feel good about hiding in corners smoking hashish. It’s scary realizing you’ve been living in a place for 8 years and have never actually seen it. Experienced it. Known it.

And that is where I am at today. Trying to figure out my surroundings, re-establish direction and destination and figure out where the fuck I am on earth. Because it seems as though only recently I’ve started participating in this big blue watery thing we all inhabit. Earth. So cool.

You know that iPhone wallpaper of earth? Is that the dopest picture of our planet you’ve ever seen? I mean, I’ve had it as my screen saver for over a year now, and only in the past couple days has it stuck me as something magnificent. Beautiful. Perfect. And yes, I know, progress not perfection, but for some reason this picture pleases me immensely. Makes me feel incredibly small even though thanks to my iphone, I can hold the entire world in my hands. Can touch it. Feel its smooth surface. Lick it if I so choose, although I am gauranteed strange looks on Hollywood Blvd if I’m to start licking my phone in an effort to taste earth. Taste earth. Mmmmm.

I’ve also been wanting to lick art. Like, pieces I’ll see on walls of friends homes, or even graff that’s thrown up under bridges of LA, I have this overwhelming urge to lick it, taste some other persons creativity, as if by tasting it I will somehow feel it more. Suppose that’s just my senses returning from their deep drunken slumber.

Anyway, I’m going to hit a meeting right now, I’ve put on a flowy summery dress, and sparkly sandles from India, because something in the crisp morning air, my neighbors playing Lauren Hills “I used to love him” and the little twitter of birds singing from the palm tree outside Duncans home, something has made me feel pretty today. And so I dressed the part. Even though I’ve nothing to do.

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