Posted on May 29, 2009


After the mini meltdown yesterday, I decided it might be a good time for a little San Diego retreat, a getaway, but not in my typical runaway fashion. This time I told people I’m leaving, told Jill, Duncan, my sponsor, told everyone that would wonder where I went if I happened to disappear, which is something I happen to do. Well, used to do.

Of course 3 parking tickets in one month isn’t enough to remind me that there are laws I must obey, and the cops are out in full enforcing these laws. Guess the state needs to make some money, which makes sense considering we as californians are bankrupt. So with three paid in full parking tickets in mind, I sped down the 405 at 82, a good 5 miles slower than my regular speed, and of course got a speeding ticket which the cop very kindly and gently asked me to sign. I did it. Guilty as charged. And the funny thing is that normally this kind I thing would have ruined my day. Instead I signed, thanked the officer for being so kind, wished him a beautiful and safe day, and continued my drive south.

I haven’t had a speeding ticket in a long time, so I’ll pay the price, take the class online, and deal with it when the proper docs come in the mail. It sucks but that’s what happens if you break the rules, sometimes you get caught.

The best part of it all? Beause yes, there is a great part about being pulled over by the CHP. I didn’t have any reason the officer could take me to jail. I had no pot in my car, wasn’t drunk or doing anything illegal besides the obvious, and even though I was nervous, as I assume people naturally are when they get busted for being naughty, I wasn’t afraid. And that feels good.

So tonight I’m chillin, coming down from my meltdown high (I called all the appropriate people except for my sponsor, who I called today, left a message, and will be calling as soon as I finish this post), trying to plan my Saturday in sunny San Diego, relax and not stress off the things I cannot change, like getting pulled over, and actually work on changing the things I can. Even if it’s just things like paying parking and speeding tickets. And telling the cop that blew my 80+mph cruise to have a beautiful day.

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