A Day in the Life of Saucerton Dogsworth

Posted on June 11, 2009

This morning, I woke up very early. I did a radio broadcast on “The Regular Guys Show” out in Hotlanta about why I ended up on Celebrity Rehab, without revealing any of the details or events, and she laid in bed, snoring peacefully while I tried to get my head straight and hurry up with the coffee. She doesn’t like to be bothered in the morning as she is in desperate need of her beauty sleep. sleeping beauty

I left to go eat breakfast with my homegirl, we made banana pancakes with cherry mango syrup, sweet potatoes cooked in garlic salt, olive oil and basil, with a dash of maple bacon grease, and some yummy farmer joe’s maple bacon to taste. Saucy had her regular old dog food, which she has been thoroughly enjoying. She then decided it was a good time to play with Sensei, my little siamese kitty.
The kitty doesn’t really like to play.
no play

I came back and just dipped in for a moment to freshen up before visiting a casting person for a new job (?) with my good friend Roxy Jezel. I told Saucerton how excited I am, not really about the job, but about seeing Rox and just getting out and doing something. Recovery is fun and great and all, but I feel like I’m losing my sense of humor in just doing the recovery thing all the time. Rox is always good for a laugh. Saucy burped and tried to lick my face. She isn’t much for conversation.

While I was gone, Saucy had an amazing time sleeping and pooping. She did both of these things inside the house. Now, nobody likes to clean up poop, but it’s my fault for not taking her out to go potty on my dip in dip out visit, and lord knows I’ve cleaned up bigger messes.
The Wrath of the Saucanator

As it was too late to yell at her, (she has a very short memory and wouldn’t know I was angry because she pooed in the house, and as it was my fault….) but she still knew she did a naughty thing and went and hid in my bed. She always knows when she has been naughty.
Naughty Sauce

But I am a forgiving person and after a little spinach salad with raspberries, blue cheese, candied pecans and balsamic, and some more yummy dinner for her, she kept making this “aaahhrrommmm” noise, which led me to believe she had to go potty again. So we went for a little walk around the neighborhood, a big 2 mile walk actually, because instead of pooping again, she wanted to sniff everything on earth, including the earth itself, and I kept expecting her to go potty. But no, she just wanted a nice smelling stroll in the hollywood hills. And I can’t say I blame her. It is a lovely evening for a stroll.
stroll material

It became quite apparent that she had already exited all her poo for the day onto my lovely hardwood floors, so we walked past three posters begging passers by to watch out for a lost “nokia” cell phone, which apparently has some very important information on it. At the stoplight by my house, Saucy made out with an elderly man who said she has very beautiful eyes, was complimented by a near gangsta white kid with a sideways cap and a pack of Marlboro reds, and then told “she’s a great lookin dog” by two other boys in the car at the light as we trotted through the crosswalk. She has come a long way from being the itty bitty Sauceberry Cupcake that showed up in a crate shipped from my homeboy in Texas, but I still see her as the sweet little puppy she once was.
Sauceberry cupcake

It can’t be a bad gig my little pup has goin, sit, poop, sleep, eat, snuggle, play, sniff, jump, snuggle, instigate, eat, snuggle, walk, sit, and then bring it all home with compliments from 4 men on one corner. I am grateful that she is my little Saucy, Saucerton Dogsworth, hailing from the East (of Cali…), and every moment I get to spend with her, whether it’s cleaning poo, passing boys, or passing through her gas, I am proud to call her and her stinky farts, my own.
Me and My Dog Saucy

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