Posted on June 28, 2009

Didn’t write last night, fell asleep with half baked cradled in my arms, woke up to a glorious sticky mess and totally different from the sticky mess I’m used to waking up with. In desperate need of coconut cakes and coffee, this is another iPhone update, life in progress, a motion picture of sorts. Not much to do today, market, paint, suntan by the pool. I refuse to get stuck watching real housewives of jersey again so stay outside I must, if there’s to be any hope.
Got my check from the ira and so begins the wonderful process of paying off the IRS. Received another bill from the franchise tax board but instead of freaking out I agreed to a payment plan on auto withdrawls so I’m never late or retarded in my payments. Things are quickly coming together and problems that used to baffle now only frustrate, if only for a fee moments. The frustration passes and solution appears, turns out life is fairly straight forward when I am looking straight forward.
Will write a longer entry tonight once I’m back home, and can take the time necessary to expound the thoughts. Trapped in a bubble of intrigue last night, with a big man from a fine company, but the bubble has popped and now I’m sitting in sunshine. Thank god for time and how quickly the night passes if I let it.

Posted in: Good Days