Patch Dreams

Posted on September 16, 2009

I think the best thing about wearing the patch is the dreams. I remember this from last time I quit, the most vivid and lucid dreams I’ve ever had, full of colors and feelings and textures. And the memories in the morning are overwhelming, as if I’ve been up all night actually doing the things I’m dreaming. I’m mentally exhausted by the time I open my eyes, an entire 8 hours worth of adventure has already taken place, and all from the comfort of my bed.

Last night was incredible. Before bed, I watched “Coraline” with E-Deezy, and something about the story stuck with me into sleep. The whole idea of being able to crawl through a magical tunnel that led to a world where everything was beautiful and perfect and my mother was the perfect mother and I could eat all the cupcakes I want. Of course the end of the story holds some moral lesson, where nothing is really perfect and we should all be grateful for our mothers and family. I digress.

Last night the dream started in the woods, along a rushing river, and the river sat in a huge ravine, not like grand canyon huge but fairly large, wooded ravine. Redwood trees, vines, monkeys, (I know they don’t all go together but it’s my dreams and I’ll make my own damn forest) and this fine mist that covered the floor of the woods leading up to the ravine. I had met my “other mother” and she and I had decided to build a house on the side of the ravine out of kukui trees. The wood was so solid and thick, the house firm, but when my real mom showed up she said that we hadn’t built a strong enough support system under the house and she was concerned it would crumble down the hill and kill all the villagers at the end of the river. I stood inside the house angry with my mother for saying such things and tried to take a glance of myself in a mirror that hung on one of the thick kukui walls. The mirror kept swaying right and left, back and forth and that is the only way I knew the house was indeed moving with me inside it. I never saw myself fully in that mirror before leaving the house.

Then I was watching it slide down the hill, into the crashing river, taking down pine trees and redwoods as it went. There was mud everywhere, even beneath my feet, and I ended up sliding down the ravine and into the river as well. I remember floating as far down the river as long I thought possible and suddenly, I had reached a large pool/lake area where my real mom was teaching killer whales awesome tricks. I remember knowing I was dreaming and not being afraid to ride the whales, or dive with them under water as deep as they cared to go. At the end of the dream my real mom told me its time to go and we could come back another day. I was stoked.

Day three, almost down. Whattup crazy patch dreams….what’s on the menu tonight?

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