When I grow up….I wanna be a real writer…

Posted on October 9, 2009

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of sitting down with on of Los Angeles most charming women. She is a journalist for http://www.TheDailyTruffle.com, and met Duncan and I at Chateau Marmont, a delightfully naughty Hollywood hotspot, the place where you go to be seen, or unseen. Duncan, Caroline and I just went for a light dinner, and perhaps some coffee. The coffee never happened, but the heirloom tomato salad was fantastic, as was my Arnold Palmer (drink of choice now sans booze). Throughout the dinner, Caroline asked us questions about sex addiction, about our experience on the show, about what could possibly happen next. And about the message he and I would like to spread, polar opposite goals and yet the same fervor and passion driving our words.

Caroline also shared a bit of her story, and told us about her blog that she runs, a fantastic site which I’d been to, and never really put two and two together. Duncan has known her for awhile, but it being my first meeting, I tried to play it cool. Not really cool, because at the chateau, if you are too cool, well then, you don’t fit in. The coolest kids at Chateau Marmont don’t ever try to be cool. Ever.

The Truffle is a site dedicated to the Los Angeles Social Life, and covers everything from beauty, fashion and food to toys, gadgets, sex-ed and politics. It is one of the most expansive blogs I’ve seen in a long time, and as her tag line reads, “Truffles are rare and hard to find. They are an acquired taste and not for everyone. So is life in Los Angeles. Daily Truffle brings you L.A. news by the people who make it.” After speaking with her over dinner, she mentioned that there is a press junket this Friday to celebrate the groundbreaking of the LA Supperclub, which is more than any restaurant could ever hope to be.

Supperclub is a sensory adventure, and they say that if you are looking for your regular experience, this is not the place to be. If you wish to enjoy a night of exquisite food unlike any you’ve had, music that coincides with your heartbeat and matches the sensuous decor and mood, performances that would make Benihana blush and art that you want to lick, then Supperclub is a dream come true. There are a handful of true Supperclubs in the world, Amsterdam, Singapore, Istanbul, San Francisco and London, but their reach goes far beyond the aforementioned sensory adventure and into magazines, vodkas, music, cruises and a society that is so exclusive it is available only by invite.

And then she did the unthinkable. She asked if I would like to attend and cover it for her as she has someplace else she must be. I almost choked. Me? Little old me? Immediately, I went into this place of “I don’t deserve this, there is no way I could ever write for a real site, or publication, or cover anything besides my emotions which I’m not even really good at covering.” Fortunately, my mouth was full of tomato’s and to speak would leave her soft fluffy sweater covered in seeds and red juice. So I finished chewing, and accepted the offer to cover one of the most rare and exclusive groundbreaking days in Hollywoods recent history. Supperclub LA is opening at the Vogue Theatre and is supposedly haunted by a projectionist that died in the projection room, a janitor/maintenance guy that ODed, and a bunch of school children. Spook hunters hit it up and found 7 registered ghosts, although I don’t know what they registered through as the DMV line probably won’t work out too well for those who are doomed to wait infinitely. This is my first chance to write something in the mainstream arena, my first chance to write a real piece, about something other than myself – which becomes quite tiresome and tedious at times. So I’m a little nervous tonight. Tomorrow is a big day. Thanks to Caroline, and her delicious little truffle.

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