Today is a good day to write…

Posted on November 7, 2009


Some days I feel more on than others. Some days, I feel as though words flow effortlessly from my fingertips to either the keyboard or my journal, and that those words convey the exact feelings I’m experiencing. While today hasn’t necessarily progressed into that fluid movement type of moment, I’m starting to realize how important it is that I be able to bring myself to that point. For instance.

Brett Favre didn’t just wake up and throw the perfect touchdown. He spent years and years practicing, making sure that he can do it under pressure, when nobody is looking, when everybody is looking. He spent time at home, time at work, probably had dreams about tossing around a pigskin. There can’t be any point in his career where he woke up and said “I’m feeling it, I’m throwing the winning pass right now.” It took practice.

Kobe Bryant is the same, he doesn’t just wake up ready to go, making 3’s like it’s no thing. All right, maybe he does, but it took him years to get there, took him tons of late nights at the gym, hours upon hours spent in training facilities, it took him playing when he probably didn’t really want to play. He found what he liked to do, and then he did it all the time. That’s what’s up.

Even musicians, they don’t just wake up blasting out killer guitar riffs, opera singers didn’t wake up singing aria’s, no matter what profession you’ve dedicated yourself to, there is a huge amount of effort and time that goes into perfecting your skills.

I guess where I’m going with this is…..if I am going to be a writer, then I must write all the time. I can’t sit around and wait for the mood to take me, because if I am spending my days and nights dedicating myself to the craft, the art of the written word, then sometime during those days and nights, the mood will take me over and because I will already be in a place where writing wherever I may happen to be feels natural, I won’t miss out on something beautiful falling naturally onto my page. So my first commitment is to write here every day. Even if it is just short. Even if it makes no sense. I need to start channelling my thoughts into actions, and this is a good way to start of finish a day. At one point in this history of this page, I was writing everyday. Religiously in fact. But then life began, options opened up, and I let myself wander away from the page, from the thoughts, from the feelings that eventually bubble up once I start pounding the keys. If I can make the small commitment to write in this safe place everyday, then the first step in writing everyday is already taken. The ball is already rolling. I ain’t gatherin no moss son.

So my plan is to expand the scope of things I write about here, purely as a creative exercise that will help my vocabulary and knowledge of working thoughts broaden. I’m going to start writing about more than just my day and feelings. Some days I may write about a fabulous face product I found, some days I may write about a great club I hit, some days I may write blah blah blah blah blah until something coherent is formed and the thoughts begin rolling. But every day I will write, starting here, moving through the script I am currently working on, and then into my memoir.

Nothing big has ever been accomplished when sitting on one’s hands.

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