Meeting the Quota

Posted on November 25, 2009


I woke this morning at 4:30 to shower and hustle my ass over to the Westside to do the radio tour promoting the Sex Rehab show. I love doing radio, you don’t have to look pretty, the cough button is ready when you are, and they usually put me on a delay because you never know if I’m going to slip into a bout of profanity so insane the entire interview is bleeped out. Radio in the morning is especially fun, because I’m not quite on top of my game, and the most natural things come out of a near sleep induced state of being. This morning was fun. Long, but fun. I’ve officially met the quota of people I need to speak with in one day, and can spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the solitude and silence of my home.

I did eight radio shows before 8a.m. and just about everyone was wonderful. Mancow was not the brute he’s rumored to be, was quite serious and on the verge of charming, as much as a man named Mancow can be. The Choklit Jock made me feel as if I’m in a SNL skit, the ladies man taking me directly to his room and partaking of my lovely lady body. Yeah, that didn’t quite happen but by the sound of his voice it could have. I met a friend of the program on one show, and made new friends on others. Only one jock out of the whole lot tried her best to give me shit about being a pornstar, but being that she’s from the Bible Belt, that is to be expected. It was a good cop bad cop deal, the guy coming off much more supportive than the lady. But as a woman of grace and integrity I tried to handle the situation to the best of my ability, and refrained from asking how she felt about her husband watching porn and if perhaps it’s time to give him some head. That would have been the old me. The new me responded nicely, eloquently, and with subtle jabs that perhaps she didn’t even see. It’s hard to see anything when a good book is blocking your view. Its probably even harder to remember one of that books fundamental principles, about not judging…but once again. Not on the air. On my blog however… hahaha. Good luck with whatever guy you happen to be with lady, I hope your open minded attitude gets you far in life.

But overall, the morning went off without a hitch, and I’m pleased with the interviews. Each place let me plug my blog, which was cool, and wanted to talk about serious things, as opposed to focusing on my less than average career choices. Even when they did want to talk past, I embrace my life in its entirety, so doors are open, discussion on the table. No problems.

Today is a big nothing day. Getting ready for the holy turkey festival that befalls Americans tomorrow, getting ready for football and sweet potato pie, ready to be stuffed to the brim and sleep like a baby. Gotta love the turkey low. First thanksgiving without drinking, which will be interesting, but I’m sure no issue. Surrounded by people I love, like Deezy and his girl Jeezy, tastalicious treats, and interesting conversation. Today, just like tomorrow, is a good day to give thanks.

So thank you all for reading and being a part of my recovery.


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