A day of giving thanks….

Posted on November 26, 2009


I am thankful to have woken up next to my two snugglebugs this morning, Saucy yawning in my face with stinky morning dog breath and kitty meowing at her because she was a bit too close. Yesterday, I took a nap with them, Sauce cuddled up next to me, kitty walked over and put her head next to Sauce, Sauce licked kitty’s head and scooted over. Saucy and I made a kitty sandwich, and the nap began. I am grateful that my two little animals are becoming friends that can snuggle simultaneously in bed. Can snuggle each other.

I am thankful for the friends I have. Yesterday, Deezy and I hit up 2012, I love disaster movies, end of world shit, and after the movie ended, and we walked back out onto the streets of Hollywood, I am grateful that California had not been swallowed up by a melting core, had not been consumed by the pacific which lies a mere 15 miles from where we stood. I told Deezy I am grateful that the streets, businesses and people were still there. I forgot to tell him I’m thankful for him. I’ll tell him today. I am grateful to have friends like Deezy and Angel and Duncan, grateful that if 2012 were to come true, we would face the end of the world together.

I am thankful for the doctors and therapists I have in my life. Beans and Reef have been seeing me pro bono ever since the show ended, helping me work through the shattered mess that Sex Rehab left me in, and I am grateful to have such giving professionals in my life that understand once my financial situation changes I am more than willing to pay them what they are worth. I am grateful that they care enough about the process, and my recovery, to look beyond what is standard practice, just to help.

I am thankful to Dr. Drew, for helping me to open a door, for revealing a new lifestyle to me that is much more fulfilling and worthwhile than the one I’d previously been living. I’m thankful that he has faith in me, enough to allow me a position in representing the work we did on the show in front of the world.

I am thankful for my sobriety, for this new way of living that pushes me forward every day. Thankful for the new line of thinking, and a daily reprieve, I am thankful for the people in this world that choose every day, to trudge this road to happy destiny.

I am thankful for my family, for my father, the relationship that we’ve been building since the beginning of this year now blossoming into one based on trust and compassion, I feel we are taking off the “handle with care” gloves we’d been wearing, and are settling into a relationship where communication flows like water, and understanding is King. I am grateful for our second chance. I am thankful for my mother and step-father, who moved out into the middle of the Pacific ocean and struggled. I am thankful that their struggles are now subsiding, and they are living the life they’ve wanted to live. I am thankful for my little sister, that she is a strong enough woman to deal with all of us, thankful for her friendship. I am thankful for my little brother, who is turning into such a strong man, and has chosen to spend his life fighting for our country. I am thankful for my family as a whole, the wonderful clan of people I came from, the solid group I can always turn to.

I am thankful for the sun rising today, and the clouds that are nowhere to be seen. I am thankful for the quiet morning, and the birds singing outside my window. Grateful for falling leaves, and blades of grass. Thankful for the things that make up this world, and all the beauty in it.

This morning, and today, is a day of giving thanks. And I am thankful to be here, with you, enjoying it.

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