Couch Day

Posted on December 7, 2009


Some days I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. Today, Deezy and I devoted our day to taking up space on his couch and watching TV. It was great, because I don’t have a TV and we are knees deep in Madmen, recently started at season 1 and are two episodes into season 2. Amazing show. We ate cookies, ice cream, dined with Duncan and then returned to Deezy’s cave for another episode. Some day’s are just good couch days.

That being said, I took Saucy for a lovely walk this evening. The air is just a bit chilled, like a frosty mug from a freezer, but not so cold I needed a been or mittens. Just cold enough for a hoodie. My kinda cold. I walked her up the giant hill by my house, and around the dark streets of the Hollywood hills, few street lamps, and even fewer passing cars. It’s one of the few places I can think in LA, you can hear crickets even though the 101 is right around the corner, and occasionally little rats or mice will scurry across the road (which really freaks Sauce out). I love the night time walks with my pooch, and I’m glad I have the kind of pooch that makes me feel safe walking around at night.

I found myself standing outside this beautiful house, and in this beautiful house was a beautiful Christmas tree. All the lights were on, and even though the family was doing something else, I could imagine them gathering around the tree on Christmas Eve, looking out the window over the city and sharing in some quality California Christmas time. It looked warm in there, warm and inviting. I found myself tempted to ring the bell, wanted to ask if I could just smell the pine. I didn’t though. I just took this picture and left.

Christmas has never been a very good time for me, always reminds me of the disintegration of my parents marriage, and the irrevocable change that took place as a result. This year, I’m finding memories from before that madness, memories of Wyoming and sneaking upstairs to shake presents, making cookies with my mom, eating those same cookies with my Dad. I’m glad I get to reassign my feelings for Christmas this year. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that is exactly the kind of time I’d like to have.

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