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Posted on December 18, 2009


Every day I read each and every comment that is posted on this blog. Each comment means something to me, whether it is someone relating their personal truth or story, or just offering a supporting ear. I turned the comments back on because I felt as if I would not get a high from the words left on the page, and thus far, I’ve done a good job at maintaining that. There is the occasional drop of poison that ruins the whole punch bowl, but I’ve learned to glaze over these comments as most angry commenters are simply angry with themselves. I have personal conversations with a few readers from this blog via email, and I encourage anybody that would like more interaction to email me directly as I do not feel it’s appropriate to address each and every comment in my posts.

The thing about the comments is this. I wake up in the morning and read comments. At night, when I write before bed, I read through the rest of the day’s comments and it’s these comments that help me to write my next post. The advice, the encouraging words, the idea’s that come to me while writing are in a large part from the wonderful things my readers say, from questions they ask. Just because I do not address each comment specifically nor do I always say “Your comments help me more than you’ll know” doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. I just want to clear that up. I’m learning about myself by writing here, and the words my kind readers are gracious enough to share help me to see myself in a different light.

A note to whoever reads both mine and Duncan’s blog…. Please don’t leave him comments asking about me. It causes more drama than I need, and I know it bothers him. So if you do read his page, please only comment on whatever his post may be about, and not about anything I’ve written here on mine. As he’s said on his blog, “We were, are and will always be friends in whatever shape God intends….. Our relationship is not without it’s hitches but we are addicts right? We are blighted by the disease of perception. Both of us.”

I spent today the same as the others… Doing things I love like painting, and writing. I just wrote a piece for Huffington that I’ll be submitting before the day’s end, and I’m very proud of the Golden Gate piece I’m working on now. A funny comment that did stick with me, about Reef being the barrier or the Golden Gate? He is the Golden Gate that reveals my barriers. It’s a lovely thing to be, and a lovely bridge to walk across, regardless of the tumultuous sea below. And another great question…

What is the difference between running and gently pulling away?

Communication. When I run from people, I vanish in an instant. Everything is fine one moment, and the next, I am gone. As I gently pull away from those I cannot be authentic around, it will be a gradual pull, and one that will involve conversation and discussion. I won’t just disappear overnight. I just need to pray for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (others), courage to change the things I can (myself), and the wisdom to know the difference…

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