Painting and Cooking

Posted on January 5, 2010


A lovely day devoted to spending in my home, my Hollywood home with helicopters and sirens buzzing around me constantly, reminding me that while I paint and smoke, or write and drink coffee, life is happening outside, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but it is always happening. No matter what I am doing.

Today I spent the entire day painting and cooking. I’m working on another Golden Gate piece for a friend, vaguely similar to the last, but a different view, and more vibrant blues. I’m pretty stoked on it, and find the more I paint the bridge the more I can see it in my mind, the more I feel like I’m back in the bay area. I miss the bay. What a wonderful place to live. Maybe I’ll go to school up there, finish my bachelors down here, something like human sexuality, and then go for a masters…. I’ve been thinking a ton about finishing. I already have debt because of the Benz, why not put myself in debt for something worth it? More will be revealed… in time Jennie, in time. Still something to think about. I really love school.

I spent the early evening baking my first loaf of meat. I usually buy it from Ralphs, and this time said fuck it. Deezy had a hard day at work, so I went to his casa, went through all his things, and put together an amazing meatloaf. I’m actually kind of proud of my culinary adventure today, and I think the only thing that is more fun than squeezing a pound and a half of meat in my fingers is running barefoot in the mud. For some reason these things always make me feel like a kid. I like feeling like a kid.

Tomorrow will be a writing day. A day of painting, then a day of writing. I’m going to adventure around the Westside, see what’s happening at the beach, see how the people differ from the crazy and fantastic people of Hollyhood. I’ve also been thinking about moving back toward the beach. I love the water. Miss the waves. Salty air. Hollywood is fun, it’s served it’s purpose, but I’m ready for neighborhoods with squirrels and birds, where my dog can poo in the grass~ clean grass unlike Hollywoods already shit infested 2×2 patches. Again, more time to think about this. I’m not out of my lease until May, so there is plenty of time to mull it over. But I have to admit, I would enjoy living someplace a bit cheaper. I’m just not as much as a baller as I once thought I was. I’m okay with that.

There is a lot of pressure that goes along with being a baller.

I’m over pressure.

So today was a beautiful day, tomorrow will surely be a beautiful day, as will the next and the next. Still waiting for the charges to go through, so I can file a claim, but I am powerless over these things, and I don’t have to let them make my life unmanageable. I can’t help but think that someone else must have really needed that money to go through the trouble of stealing it from me. Hopefully the did something good with it. Like fed starving children in Africa, or bought a purse.

Going to bed… Goodnight moon.

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