Trying to Keep my Cool

Posted on January 13, 2010


Ever since the whole fraud thing started I’ve been trying my best to keep my cool. It will work out. My bank will protect me and refund my stolen money. I have nothing to worry about. Apparently, after a 45 minute conversation with a man named Jose Cruz, who is a claims manager for Chase, none of the things I’ve been telling myself for the past week have been true. Chase will not refund my money. Chase will not protect me. Chase does not want to help the customer. What a sad day in bank history for me. I always knew there was something bad about big banks, I just didn’t think it would ever trickle down to me.

I called today to see if my claim had gone through and I my money had been returned. The first lady I spoke with, Hannah, said my claim has been denied because my card is still in my possession and whoever took money from the ATM used the card and my pin. I asked to speak with her manager, Jose, and he told me the same. I started to lose it, started crying to Jose, asking why I would drain my account myself. I told him about the car, about how I’ve changed everything in my life and managing my money means not withdrawing large sums. I asked him who he banked with, asked him if he would go home and worry about Chase refusing to protect his money as they are refusing to check mine, or if he didn’t have to worry about that kind of thing because he is the one approving claims… I asked him, from one human being to another, what the hell I’m supposed to do now. I said “What would YOU do Jose, if every single one of your last dollars was stolen from and the people who are supposed to protect those dollars refuse to help you? What would you do?”

He repeated that my claim has been denied. He then suggested to file a claim at my branch and a claim with the police department, who can access the cameras covering ATMs. I told him to watch his account, his employer will steal from him next, thanked him for nothing and hung up.

Probably not the best way to deal with this Jennie.

Whatever. I’m tired of playing it cool. Of keeping my head in straight and trusting that the people who are supposed to protect the few dollars I have will actually do so. I’ll be keeping my money in a fucking shoebox for a while, fuck Chase, the whole big bank deal, my money can collect dust under my bed. At least then if it’s stolen I only have to deal with the police and not mindless robots like Jose.

I’m taking a day to cool off and then going to my branch. If that fails I’ll go to the police department as per his recommendation. And if that fails it’s on to small claims court. I refuse to let this be swept under the rug, refuse to be robbed by my own bank. Some retarded criminal who has no other means… I can’t help that. My own bank?

I’m getting my fucking money back.

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