More rain, and a little more work

Posted on January 20, 2010


The city of Los Angeles is covered in dark clouds and rain continuously falls from the heavens down through our smoggy skies and to the dusty ground, cleaning this city of memories of cars and people and life as we know it. Southern California is not built for rain, or any weather aside from sunshine, and it’s evident from the flooded streets and backyards, the homes that fill with water and the people who stay indoors. And yesterday, as I went to file my police report feeling slightly under the weather myself, I wished to be snuggled inside with the rest of the city.

The police told me I need the papers from Chase showing my claim has been denied before I can do anything. Chase says the papers are in the mail, the stereotypical boyfriend response about a forgotten special occasion where the present is on lay away, and the girlfriend questions whether it’s even been purchased yet. Jorge, at the bank, asked the claims manager why I’d been denied, silly because as I told him, I already know. He then tried to convince me there is no way to clone a card due to the magnetic strip on the back. I, very calm and collected, thanked him for his time and left the building. The papers, which supposedly went out the day my claim was denied, over a week ago, have still not made it to my mailbox. Perhaps they are on lay away. In any case, I left the bank and headed home, walking in the rain with a cough and a little umbrella.

The most amazing thing happened as I walked through Space 20-15… The rain went from a drizzle to a downpour, and the drops turned from water to hail. It was beautiful. Hailing in Hollywood, people hidden in stores, either working or browsing, rushed outside to witness this brief moment, and as quickly as it started, it ended, back to rain, back to the wet cool drops we Angelenos fondly refer to as our winter and saving grace from the fires come late August. I couldn’t help but smile, standing in the middle of the street sick and protected by an umbrella that’d already been blown inside out by fierce winds. Something amazing is hard at work up there, beyond those dark clouds, and whether the papers come tomorrow or the next, I know my skies will clear and the sunshine will creep back into my life.

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