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Spring Cleaning

March 31, 2010


And so it begins. The massive overhaul of my home, my first time moving out of an apartment sober. Perhaps I should start at the beginning. I just handed in my 30 day notice to my manager in Hollywood. When I left rehab, and fled the San Fernando Valley, I did so raw and exposed, […]

Preparing for Grief…

March 30, 2010


As I approach the anniversary of that first day, the first day without booze, the first day without weed, or sex, or anything to numb, I can’t help but feel excited and anticipatory of the grief to come with another first. The first day without cigarettes. April 6th, 2010, my one year sobriety/goodbye porn birthday, […]

Feelings and Harvard

March 24, 2010


When I came to campus Monday evening, the air was kissed with privileged raindrops and I immediately felt less than. Less than my courteous guide, who kindly gave me a tour of Lampoon, less than the 18-22 year old kids who ruined priceless works of art in the castle in the name of humor (which […]

LAX Miracle

March 22, 2010


I arrived at Los Angeles International with plenty of time. An hour an a half before my flight, seucirty seemed non-threatening, and even though I stood in the wrong line twice (first the line to check luggage if you’re already checked in and then group check in), made it to the proper line and had […]

Blog Boundaries

March 19, 2010


Because I have chosen to keep the comment portion of this site open, it is inevitable that some crazies will wander in and spout off their own issues in an attempt to get a rise or reaction from me. I’d like to create some boundaries for this site, as the more traffic it seems to […]

Return to LA

March 18, 2010


After filming the view yesterday, Jenn G and I hit Juniors (my beloved cheesecake producer and giver of all things great and cheesy) and then JFK. We watched New Moon together on the plane, each on our separate little seat televisions, we pressed play at the same time, and then after a long discussion of […]


March 17, 2010


I flew out to NYC yesterday, LAX was a mess. People grumbling about the two hour wait in security, very few smiles aside from my own, a woman arrested in front of a ten mile line to reach the gates. I gave a play by play on Twitter and even though I had to pee, […]