Posted on March 17, 2010


I flew out to NYC yesterday, LAX was a mess. People grumbling about the two hour wait in security, very few smiles aside from my own, a woman arrested in front of a ten mile line to reach the gates. I gave a play by play on Twitter and even though I had to pee, nothing could take away from my excitement for today. Today?

Today I am filming “The View” with this nations biggest power house women. I have so few women in my life I trust and admire, so few I can count them in one hand. Two friends of mine attending college to further their education, Angel, Jill, Jenn and my mother- regardless of our issues. It is an honor to sit alongside these women I will meet today, inspiration that this whole changing process keeps moving in a positive and healthy direction.

Last night when I got off the plane, I ran to the front to meet my driver Gary. He is an Irish man, somewhere around 50, spoke with a thick New York accent and kept me laughing the entire way into manhattan. He asked if I’m staying at Essex House and I said yes, is it nice? He laughed, flipped an illegal u-turn and dropped me off right across the street from Central Park. The hotel is beautiful, classy, kissed with style and grace. The front desk gave me the key and a I walked into my room, my jaw dropped. I sat over looking the entire park. I couldn’t sleep, whether from nerves or the time change, and I sat in bed sharing aloud with my HP all the things I am grateful for.

This beautiful room.

This amazing opportunity.

These wonderful people who’ve come into my life this past year. The small inspirations like my girls at school and a conversation with my mother that went well.

A chance to recreate traditions on this new st. Pattys day.

It my grandfathers birthday today. The way my lufe has changed, the small daily steps i take to continue this road to happy destiny, I think he is looking down with a smile.

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