Blog Boundaries

Posted on March 19, 2010


Because I have chosen to keep the comment portion of this site open, it is inevitable that some crazies will wander in and spout off their own issues in an attempt to get a rise or reaction from me. I’d like to create some boundaries for this site, as the more traffic it seems to get, the more susceptible it is to lunacy.

Blog Comment Boundaries #1: I post all comments until they become verbally abusive, threatening, intentionally deceitful, cruel or crude. This place is dedicated to recovery and positive thinking. I accept and welcome critical comments, comments asking important questions, giving constructive criticism, or doubting my intentions. I know my intentions, am comfortable in my motivation continuing this new life, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be questioned. Whether I respond to the question or not is up to me. HOWEVER, from now on, if a comment is intentionally hurtful, abusive, threatening or filled with lies, the commenter will be blocked from commenting on this blog. This is not just for me. It is for every person who visits this site for the right reasons.

Blog Comment Boundaries #2: From now on, if a question is posed in a comment, I will respond in the comment portion of the post, I will not dedicate an entire post to it as I did the professor. I welcome all questions as long as they are productive. If the question is meant only as an insult, or as Havi says “People start throwing shoes,” I will not respond, and reserve the right to delete the comment. As I said, this is a positive place for growing, and to respond to nastiness or cruel words or ugly flung shoes will only fuel the fire.

Blog Comment Boundaries #3: If a commenter gets on this page and starts blowing it up with abusive comments that are circular in argument, comments may be posted but the commenter will be blocked immediately.

Blog Comment Boundaries #4: If a comment includes real names the names will be erased. Period.

Blog Comment Boundaries #5: Commenters are free to muse on the actual occupation of my best friend E-Deezy as they wish. He may be a race car driver. He may be a famous movie producer. He may be a kick boxer. He may “shred the axe on studio tracks for Slash. Uncredited of course.” He was fairly excited at the prospect of being a gun wielding drug dealer. So we can open the floor to debate on what Deezy actually does. He gave the green light and it sounds like fun.

Blog Comment Boundaries #6: If you are blocked from commenting, it is permanent. And I hope you get help for some of the issues which forced you into blocked-ness.

Blog Comment Boundarie #7: Words are very important and incredibly powerful. Like so many words in beautiful comments that have moved me to tears, I appreciate those chosen carefully and used with tact. Comments here have taught me things I’ve carried over into my non-Internet life~ I try my best to use positive words and positive thoughts, even if whatever truth I may happen to share is ugly. There is a good side to every person, and as a woman who has only begun to embrace her good side, I do my best to respect that part of all people and I appreciate those who do the same and have taught me this valuable lesson.

In conclusion, as my boyfriend told me this morning when I said one drop of acid can tend to ruin my whole punch bowl… Sometimes it’s only one kid playing kickball who kicks the ball in another kids face and breaks his nose and then nobody gets to play kickball. That’s not fair.

We will continue to play kickball. I will just remove the meanies with malicious intent.