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The Day My Bike was Stolen

April 28, 2010


Yesterday played out in an odd way, the morning lovely, a great session with Jill, a ride out to see Deezy at work and an adventure to a potential new abode for him… Until I returned to his office to find my bike stolen. Gone with the wind, as one might say, and yesterday was […]

Movers and Shakers

April 25, 2010


It’s been a big week. A big weekend. I feel like a ton of things have gone down since my last post, and apologize for not updating sooner, but these things. Life has a way of sweeping me up sometimes, a tornado of activities and must-do-by-this-days lifting me up in a dust cloud of intensity […]

Rain, Boxes, and a Conversation with the Moon

April 21, 2010


I didn’t sleep last night. Mr. Man has apnea, and some nights it’s okay, some nights it’s medium, and some nights it’s really bad. Last night was really bad. Most nights I feel bad for him because he can’t get any sleep. He is constantly jump starting his heart with a deep “Uuuuunhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” breath he […]

The Things That Were Missing

April 18, 2010


You never really know when a thing is missing if it has never been there. Most kids, like myself, who were driven around in mini-vans never thought about being driven around in Escalades, or X5’s because they weren’t part of our existence. I’ve heard a story, perhaps nothing more than an old wives tale, about […]

Week One: Check

April 13, 2010


With week one at an end and week two at the very beginning, I feel like counting weeks instead of days. It’s getting easier each moment, and yet more difficult, if that makes any sense. I put my patch on yesterday at 11:30am, and had the same one on till 5:30pm today, usually I worry […]

Day Seven

April 12, 2010


Rode all day and played on Loveline all night. I was such a sleepy girl this morning, I didn’t get out of bed when Mr. Man went to work, I slept until 11:30 and then did absolutely nothing with my day. Except eat Jelly Bellys. Copious amounts of Jellies. So many in fact, I failed […]

Day Six

April 11, 2010


We took an ultimate bike ride today. All the way down Venice, Santa Monica and back. Parked at Urth Cafe (and by parked I mean locked the bikes) and took a stroll down main st., wandered through the farmers market listening to the bluegrass band playing and kids laughing riding the ponies. The ponies were […]

Day Five

April 10, 2010


Long full day. Hitting the sack but checking in. Insanity level on 1-10: 7 with moments of 12 Stress level on 10-10: 6 (I hit the dog park- made a new buddy there whahoooooo ultimate to do list!!! Kings game, Watched Rescue Me and learned How To Train My Dragon. Mr. Man said since I […]

Day Four

April 9, 2010


The morning feels light. Last night I went to a yoga class, and near the end, the instructor asked the class to relax, lay back in savasana, he led us through a brief guided meditation. It was exactly what I needed to hear. He spoke about how we are not our bodies. How we are […]

Day Three

April 8, 2010


I was homicidal yesterday. Irrational. Wanted to cover my eyes with patches, stick lozenges up each nostril and put gum in my ears. I have no television so checking out was out of the question. I wrote about my faith, which helped to calm me down. But that was early morning, and by mid evening, […]

Day Two

April 7, 2010


Washing and packing, listening and speaking, walking and hiking, yoga and the Sauce. Breathing and hoping, praying and joking, sweeping and cleaning, cigarettes aren’t my boss. This is how I’ll spend the day. Repeating this in my head. Thank you to Jacob C. for the bigger “To Do” list. What a fantastic idea. Here we […]

Day One

April 6, 2010


Last night was the most difficult night I’ve had since leaving rehab. So difficult in fact, I forgot how afraid I was that first night out, or leaving the graduation ceremony, or the first night in my new Hollywood apartment, last night seemed to negate any struggles I’ve had this past year and broke me […]

Dear Jennie Ketcham

April 5, 2010


Hi. It’s me. Or you. I just want to chat for a minute, to talk about what we’ve done this past year, about where we started, where we went, and where we are now. I want to think of the beautiful places we can go, the possibilities the future holds, I want to remind you […]

Spring Cleaning Part II

April 2, 2010


I found this box, under mounds of pornographic material, a box I’ve carried from home to home and never had the motivation to open and sort. The box is tattered, torn, it doesn’t stay together very well but it seems to make my moves with me just fine, it never crumbles, it just holds it’s […]