Day Two

Posted on April 7, 2010


Washing and packing, listening and speaking, walking and hiking, yoga and the Sauce. Breathing and hoping, praying and joking, sweeping and cleaning, cigarettes aren’t my boss.

This is how I’ll spend the day. Repeating this in my head. Thank you to Jacob C. for the bigger “To Do” list. What a fantastic idea. Here we go.

Things I want to do that I didn’t do because I was too busy smoking:
Walk/jog/bike at least two miles a day.
Make at least two outreach calls a day.
Shower every day so I feel nice and fresh and clean.
Brush the toofers.
Meditate and make gratitude lists.
Do one nice thing for someone and not tell anybody about it.
Nightly inventory from the day’s events.
Consciously practice the art of surrender.
Laugh (without coughing hahahha).

Goals that may take longer than today:
Plant a garden in Mr. Man’s backyard. (yeah good call Jacob!)
Do a marathon (running).
Yoga twice a week.
Sky Dive
Bungee Jump from a really cool bridge.
Meet more women, develop large circle of female friends.
Make friends at the dog park
Swim in the ocean on a regular basis (probably with a wetsuit).
Ride a horse.
Daydream while watching clouds.
Picnic tradition.
Sailing day.
Camping weekend.
Fishing afternoon (even though I don’t want to touch the bait hahahah)
Leave my apartment super clean.
Live my life super clean.

These are good things. Here is another good thing, which seems to come up a bunch in comments, so I’ll address it here.

My higher power.

It may not be your higher power. It is not the baby Jesus, or even teenage Jesus. It is not Muhammad or Allah, or part of any sort of organized religion. For a few reasons. Lets go there.

1. I dislike organized religion because of the few zealots who have a need to PUSH their beliefs on me and other people. While I have no issues with the actual religion itself (that is to say I believe that you believe and that should be enough), I do take issue with being force fed specific religions. This is why I prayed to Gravity for so long. Because I knew as soon as I used the word god, with a lowercase g my friends, I would get a few overly excited people who insisted I begin following their Lord, who is not mine. I do not push my beliefs on any person, will speak openly about my faith if asked, and reserve the right to believe in whatever I want to believe. I offer you that same right, and respect your beliefs. I think it is beneficial to both our faiths to live in respect for another’s beliefs. That is how faith works. It takes respectful action, not aggressive demands.

2. I am a big boomer. I support dinosaurs, every woman’s right to choose, and evolution. I believe in the laws of nature, and scientific evidence. Science = cool. Physics = super cool.

3. I think the old testament is a dope story. It’s hardcore, filled with awesome stories about murder, scandal and hookers. I carry an old testament inside myself. It’s called my past. It’s a good story too.

This is what I believe in: Just in case anybody cares…

1. I believe in an energy that is neither created nor destroyed. I believe it is this energy that brings us together, here, in this space, and out there in the world. I believe in electricity (although it still seems a bit magical), and the joys of being open minded.

2. I believe that the earth goes around the sun, and the moon around the earth. I think space is cool. And very big. I also believe stars are equivalent to memories. The big ones shine the brightest, but they are all out (or in) there somewhere.

3. I have faith that something is at work that is greater than myself. Whether that thing is energy, humanity, our collective society or the wonderful supportive people in my programs, it is bigger than me. And that is all I need.

4. I have faith the sun will come up tomorrow. It may be covered in clouds, but I believe it will be there, regardless of whether I am able to see it.

5. I have faith in friendships and in love.

6. I believe that people are intrinsically good, that days are intrinsically good, and these are the reasons I classify every day as a good day by default. I have yet to meet a day where every single second of every single minute of every single hour was filled with terribleness and badness beyond description. I may have some bad seconds, minutes, hours during the day, but that does not take away from my thinking that today is a good day. Every day I wake up is a good day. And the day I don’t wake up won’t matter because I’ll be dead. 🙂

7. I am not willing to commit to believing in an afterlife, because I have found heaven and hell right here on earth. Hell is not knowing who you are, is destroying who you can become, is not being able to find at least one positive thing worth living for. Heaven is looking myself in the mirror and being able to smile. It’s looking you in the eye and recognizing/respecting your humanity. Heaven is connecting with my friends and lover on an intimate level, it’s being vulnerable and honest, without demanding anything in return. I see no reason to plan for an afterlife if I can live well in this life just because living well in this life is fulfilling enough. I believe in action with positive intentions for the sake of doing something positive, not to get in to a super cool club when I’m dead.

8. If I HAD to commit to something beyond, I would go with reincarnation because I really want to come back as a redwood tree. They are the best. And I think I would be pretty good at growing.

9. I believe YOU believe in whatever you believe in and that believing in something helps us to believe in ourselves. It also helps remind us just how small we are and keeps the ego in check.

10. I believe organized religion can and does do a ton of good for a ton of people. I believe the people who are not satisfied with themselves are the ones who demand I jump in whatever religious pool they happen to be in. Sorry, no swimming today.

11. When I say god, I mean gravity, energy, humanity, space, time, motion, nature, connections, memories, tears, joy and love. You do you…

12. I believe, as Bob Marley says, that everything is going to be all right.

Wow. Today is apparently a big list day. Time to get packing and cleaning and washing and breathing and living…Have a _______day.

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