Day Five

Posted on April 10, 2010


Long full day. Hitting the sack but checking in.

Insanity level on 1-10: 7 with moments of 12

Stress level on 10-10: 6
(I hit the dog park- made a new buddy there whahoooooo ultimate to do list!!! Kings game, Watched Rescue Me and learned How To Train My Dragon. Mr. Man said since I can’t have a real dragon we can make Saucy wings. Not too many stress oriented events in the day.

Cigarette obsession level 1-10: 6
Brief cravings, solved with cut straws. I take deep breaths through the straw but the house looks like a blow haven with party materials everywhere.

Smelly-yummy-feel good level 1-10: 9
I, once again, like to think I smell fuckin pretty. Then again I still can’t really smell anything. Although yesterday I walked into a store and smelled something and screamed at Angel “OHMYGOD this store is filled with smell! Amazing smell! Can everybody smell that? It SMELLS IN HERE!!” Angel told the clerks I just quit smoking, I felt the laughter of sales clerks.


Yup. Just checking in. Now going to sleep. Goodnight day five.

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