Day Seven

Posted on April 12, 2010


Rode all day and played on Loveline all night. I was such a sleepy girl this morning, I didn’t get out of bed when Mr. Man went to work, I slept until 11:30 and then did absolutely nothing with my day. Except eat Jelly Bellys. Copious amounts of Jellies. So many in fact, I failed to eat dinner because my stomach was filled to the brim with Jelly. Hence, the Jelly Belly. I loved all the colors equally, except for this light purple which claimed to be a “mixed berry” jelly. It tasted like tequila for some reason. Or perhaps all the tequila I used to drink tasted like mixed berries. Either way there is a large bag of light purple Jellies sitting on top of Mr. Man’s fridge. And I want nothing to do with them.

I had strange dreams last night, and I think these dreams were reflected in my strange sleeping behavior. I dreamt I was in school at SDSU again, and I had a car again, but I kept missing classes or being late for them, and I signed up for classes I don’t need and have already taken. I tossed and turned, and when I woke up and crawled out to the man chair in the living room, calling Mr. Man with sleep in my eyes, he confessed at one point in the evening, I curled up under the covers, halfway down the bed and used his butt as my pillow.

He said he woke up, found me missing from the pillow and relocated on his bottom, and prayed for any potential fart to pass. He said that might have been something I would not have let go.

I reminded him of all the times Saucy has farted on me, and how I love her more and more every day.

Perhaps a 2am fart to the face would have been the next step in our relationship.

I keep reminding myself that at one point, the first time I quit cigarettes back in 07, the dreams went from being really scary to being really awesome, lucid dreams where I knew I was dreaming and wasn’t afraid to do anything. I was also smoking crazy amounts of pot, but that goes without saying. The last three nights have been filled with wild dreams, uncontrollable and bizarre, and I keep hoping these things will pass.

Everything passes with time.

So I did nothing with my day. As much as I rode my bike and enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, I hid indoors and slept on his chair today. As many waves we watched yesterday in Venice, I watched episode after episode of trash TV today. A big day filled with Jelly Bellys and nada, because these next couple days back in Hollywood will be filled to the brim with packing, deconstructing my life here, gently placing it in boxes, and deciding where I am to go next.

Day seven, complete.