Reinstatement of a Two Wheeled Freedom

Posted on May 5, 2010


After the bike theft last week, I felt myself feeling very vulnerable. Locked in. Caged bird singing style. I rode on the bus and passed sidewalks I knew well, longed to run my wheels over the cracked and broken cement. Wanted nothing more than to feel the slightly scary jumble jumble jumble beneath my wheels coupled with the wind in my hair.

The best thing about riding my bike is that sometimes, I don’t need a destination to have a great time.

The day my bike was stolen I took to the wings of Twitter, cried out to the heavens to send me a little sign, rain down upon me the kind of freedom that comes with two wheels and a horn. *side bar* I’ve also been crying to the heavens to rain down upon me the kind of friendships I’ve been lacking in my life, the lady kind of friendships, a group of solid girls I can call my girls…. and both of my cries have been answered. In spades.

A girlfriend who I’d developed a little Tweety relationship with said she had an old mountain bike she never rode if I wanted to meet up with her and give it a good home. We met in a parking lot in Los Feliz, she called me when she pulled in, stepping out of her car and screaming “MARCO” at the top of her lungs. I screamed back “POLO” and it was love at first sight; both the bike and the lady friend Kay. The bike is only special because it grew up with her, it traveled through her childhood and into adulthood and I was proud to give it a new home and a new purpose. She is awesome because in the first ten minutes of meeting each other we laughed about lady things, more lady connection then I’ve had in years~ aside from my sweet Angel Pie anyway. I’d been asking my higher power to help me manifest female friends as well as a new used bike, and they arrived on the same day, in the same car. Somethings are beyond my control.

So Kay and I hung out the other day, walked around the beach, laughed at the tambourine lady in the drum circle, shared boy stories watching the skaters fly in the air and land no worries. We parted ways and I came home to meet Mr. Man, his best friend and girlfriend for dinner, and fell in love with the girlfriend too, two new lady friends in one day. Manifesting friendship in healthy leaps and bounds.

And yesterday marked the first real day with the wind back in my hair, sunglasses snug against my nose and bugs zooming past my ears as I rode to therapy, down the boardwalk, to visit Deezy and then some aimless pedaling. Mr. Man and I had rode on Sunday, our usual Sunday Funday route, but yesterday was my day. My free wheeling day with nothing to do, no responsibilities aside from Jilly Beans and no worries about lurking bike thieves out to break my heart. Its funny how a piece of metal and some rubber wheels take away any worry in the world. Funny how I feel a part of life again, now that I’m able to ride through and with it.

Free again, free at last.

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