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A Series in KaBloom

July 24, 2010


All of your wonderful comments inspired the series name, A Series in KaBloom… Here are the latest two… The first (The Road Home 2) is a hybrid of “The Road Home” and my new street, which is lined with jacarandas. The second (Jacaranda) is a more simple view of the jacaranda outside my house. All […]

Roses, Full Bloom

July 20, 2010


First piece on sketch…. Exploding roses… I’m trying to decide what to call the series. Any ideas? First off the top of my head is “Naturally Chaotic” feels kind of lame though. Thoughts?

Experimental Art

July 18, 2010


So…. I’m preparing to send resumes out to various publications, hoping to secure some type of sex column. I figure with the 8 years in adult, 1.25 years in therapy, multiple failed relationships and one that is now working extremely well, I may have something credible to offer the world of sex, aside from my […]


July 14, 2010


Ahhhh the joys of classical literature, Achilles and Odysseus coming together, inspire Virgil to write the Aeneid, under the command of Augustus of course who needed a little history for Italy and Rome in general. Socrates and his inquiring method setting philosophical foundations for generations to follow, Plato setting up for Augustine and Augustine turning […]