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Posted on July 18, 2010


So…. I’m preparing to send resumes out to various publications, hoping to secure some type of sex column. I figure with the 8 years in adult, 1.25 years in therapy, multiple failed relationships and one that is now working extremely well, I may have something credible to offer the world of sex, aside from my body, which I have been done selling for quite some time. While I will also be hitting the streets for more regular and quick paying (tip) oriented work in restaurants and coffee joints, I want to keep the work in the arena of writing, as I see being a writer and artist being my future. Hopefully I can use some of that “experience” from the past to shape what my future can be, because we do not wish to close any doors on it. And it just may come in handy….

On a side note, I spent saturday playing in our yard, trying my hand at some Jackson Pollock-esque (abstract expressionist) art, and here is what I’ve come up with. Because this whole splatter thing is very new to me, I’m going to start by using my sketch paper, and once I’m confident in the shape and form, move on to more permanent things, such as canvas.

It started with a cactus in the desert, and a little splash of green. I thought perhaps I could actually create the colors of a sunset by throwing them over the saguaro, wishing the color to take on a perfectly chaotic order. This (Desert Sunset on right) inspired my next mission, where selective splashes of color actually created life (the ordered chaos I’d been hoping for), as opposed to creating color.

I want to create a long series as an homage to growth and bloom, and inspired by what happened upon creating “Spring,” (to the left) and am going do every flower I can find, hoping to recreate the shape and perfection that nature provides, while using the most free form, emotive method of painting I’ve yet to experience. I’ll put them up here as I go along… feel free to email me at JennieisArt@gmail.com…

Because I’m doing them on sketching paper and not canvas, I’ll sell them super cheap, and because this form is new to me and I’m fairly positive I’m not as talented as I will be after more experimentation. With practice comes… chaotic perfection?

Anyway, if anybody is interested in either of these two paintings, they are actually on canvas, 16’x20′, and I’m willing to part with them for an affordable price. The sketches (18’x24′) I am selling for $100/paper, I can tube them, and they ship way cheaper than their canvas counterparts. So if there are any suggestions as to flowers, or certain trees, I am all ears and interested in learning about the life growing around us.

My hope in doing this, aside from generating a little helper out money, is to see what style of art best suits my hands. I feel a little locked in when it comes to painting, and this Saturday’s experiment felt so cathartic and free, I can only hope this opens a new door to self expression.

She wore her cloak with dignity and charm,
And had a rosary around her arm,
The small beads coral and the larger green,
And from them hung a brooch of golden sheen,
On it a large A and a crown above;
Beneath, “All things are subject unto love.”

-Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue

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