Midterms and Conclusions

Posted on October 19, 2010


My first serious round of midterms since returning to school- this past week has proved to be more simple than I’ve constructed it to be in my mind. Perhaps it’s because I’ve actually done all the reading and taken copius amounts of notes, perhaps because I attend class regularly and have developed relationships with all three of my teachers, perhaps because this time around I care- and I know why I want out of my education: I know why I’m going to school, and it’s not just to get good marks on exams.

That being said, I slaughtered all of my midterms. Law and Order:LA could do a two-part show about this homicidal-midterm-murdering maniac, and I would plead guilty on all accounts. I killed all three of my tests. And that feels pretty damn good.

Another thing tha feels pretty damn good is the conclusion of PennyFlame.com. I’d been collecting checks from the site regularly, every month the paid amount dropped a little, but I kept taking the money because I needed it to survive. It was only a splash page, people who joined the site through my front page received access to the full Vivid website, and I received a kick-back on the membership fee. In porn, and probably other areas of the web, this is called an affiliate program, and requires no work on my end, which is why I didn’t feel incongruent in accepting the money. Last week, however, the domain went up for auction, and I decided to sell it.

I sold it to a good friend of mine who won’t be building a splash page, who will simply redirect to his gaming site, and the days of me making money off Penny Flame have officially come to an end.

That feels pretty damn good too.

It feels good because I don’t need the $300 to survive- that $300 has dropped to $50 anyway and I’d rather work an extra day than collect her check. Her check. So strange.

And lastly, the biggest thing going on right now is my application to UCLA- a school I’ve always dreamed of attending but never had the confidence to think of while awake. I’ll post my personal statement up here, and then have to take some time and focus on the rest of this year. I want all A’s, and I have th focus to achieve that goal.

So, midterms leading to conclusions on a grand scale, the final chapter on Penny Flame- and one of the first on Jennie. My, my, how things have changed.

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