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A Good Night for a Good Cause

March 30, 2011


In my last post, and for the past two weeks perhaps, I’ve been struggling with the idea of death, with the idea of life, with questions as to what constitutes “the good” in either case. There has also been some contemplation over choices in my past that could ultimately effect the future, and other future […]

Biological, Physiological, Existential: Crisis

March 21, 2011


I am currently in the middle of the last class I need to be get into UCLA, if  they are to accept me – I find out some time in April. The final class that I’m taking is a Biology class, and even though I’d already finished my life science units at San Diego State […]

When the Lights Go Down, in Pasadena

March 6, 2011


Two years ago, about this time, I had already done the casting to do “Sex Rehab” and interestingly enough, was very excited about the potential of going into a rehab facility for three weeks. Most people I know are not as excited as I was to go to rehab. In fact, most are dreading it […]

To Planned Parenthood, With Love

March 3, 2011