SurvivingRape.Org… She’s alive

Posted on April 21, 2012


My original intent was to wait until I had a more well rounded website so that when viewers came, it was adequate in it’s resources and comments, etc. However, taking into account the inherently communal nature I wish to foster within the site, I think it’s best that I release it to the world now.

I know it’s Saturday, the day where we do nothing, but if you have the time, please visit the site and let me know your thoughts.

It’s the exact same structure (read: the Structure theme haha!) as BecomingJennie. Not just because it’s my favorite – even though it is- but because it is the best format for what I am trying to create. I think over time, it will grow and become something much different aesthetically but that is in the future and we are in the right now.

As L.C. said in one of his comments in the last post, violence against one is violence against us all. This is my small effort to make some changes in the world we happen to inhabit. If we can openly discuss that which it takes to heal from rape, perhaps we can begin an entirely new dialogue on what it means to be raped. Perhaps, at least nationally, we can start rolling the ball of change.

The site is by no means complete. It is not comprehensive and I am excited to see it grow in the public eye. I decided to hit the “publish” button because I don’t think I can get a large amount of post-rape healing solutions if I do not openly discuss my own. So it’s there, the first one, on The Survivors page. Also included is my midterm paper which provided the inspiration for the project, Daily Meditations, Legal stuff (which I probably need haha), and The Mission Statement.

Please look around and give me your honest feedback. I am open to hearing anything, and would like this site to be the useful and healing resource that it’s intended to be. If you have site suggestions, links, articles, solutions, anything that you think would add to the site, let me know (here or there), and I would love to include it.

I just want to thank you all again for the incredible amount of support and love that you’ve shown me during the past three years, and especially, this past week. I would not have the confidence to take these strides if I did not have all of you as my friends. I love each of you, and want to do what I can to show that. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.