Pre-order Special Details!

Posted on June 25, 2012


All right. So, in my last post, I mentioned that I would have the details for a special pre-order deal. Pre-order deal time! If you pre-order the book, not only will you get $11.00 off the hardcover price (13.76 nstead of 24.99!), but for the first 100 people who send a screenshot of the receipt and home address to, I will send you a signed book plate (like a sticker) for you to put in your book.

You can buy the book by clicking any of the below links.

If you can’t buy the book right now, feel free to enter the Good Reads raffle to win one- there is a link on thesided menu under my twitter feed, but I will include it at the bottom here as well for convenience.

I am feeling very excited and barfy about what is all going to go down in two weeks. I am trying to stay unattached to outcomes. Feet on ground, hands in service.

That being said, we are traveling south today into the Kalahari desert, to see Fish River Canyon and then out to Sossusvlei for the biggest dunes in the world. My insides are bursting. Such a spectacular trip. So very blessed.

As always, thank you for taking this journey with me. And allowing me to travel with you. Xo.


Good Reads Raffle

Cuddle pile of banded mongeese (is that like plural meese?? Mongooses?? Mooses?)