Checking In

Posted on September 21, 2012


Mentally: Exhausted. Being sick is exhausting. Missing school, work and internship creates backlog of mental work regarding the needs-to-be-done pile. Reassessment to come next post.

Physically: HA! Finally went to school and had energy to study. So I overdid it and am back home feeling like doodoo. *sheesh*

Emotionally: Lots of feelings come up with sickness. About worth, capabilities, insecurities, vulnerability. Sitting with and through all the feelings and allowing myself to be taken care of. Actually, on the downswing and Mr. Man is sick so I will soon be doing the taking care of. (yes!)

Spiritually: Grateful. Grateful for love, for the animals, for the people in my life. Feeling less connected than post-yoga class but more so than April 5th, 2009. Certainly more so than January 20th, 2012. Every day is better than the last.

Keeping it short. Take care this weekend and if you get smooties, put that immunity boost shit in it.

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