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Commitment is good for this woman’s soul. However, in light of my own humanity, I will post whenever possible. No more, no less.


Welcome to BecomingJennie.



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  1. This. Is. BRILLIANT (echo, echo, echo)!! I love structure and organization, maybe this is why I love writing so much? Bravo, Jennie!


  2. John Smith

    August 31, 2012

    i’m sorry… why are you asserting this is not a blog?

    • The structure is that of a blog. WordPress, I’m guessing?

      However, the content here is different.

      For example, I have a blog too,
      I mostly write about other people, events, news.

      Jenny writes about her own life. It’s like a diary.


  3. James Andrews

    September 20, 2012

    Unfettered Honesty. I read this blog about once a month, and I leave with Jenny’s words always feeling better.

  4. I really like what you write about mostly. What I like about it is your honesty in telling your story. So this is why I feel like I can say this to you now, I’m being honest. Why don’t you ever write like you say you are going to in this blog structure? I know you are busy but you should be able to find time to write here since you say it helps you so much. Is this because know one has called you on it before now? I tend to do the same thing, keep pushing a little bit more until someone says something and I reel it back in. I think it’s human nature to do that. If you really don’t have time anymore then say you don’t have time for this blog and move on. I don’t think your heart is in it anymore.


    • becomingjennie

      December 28, 2012

      I appreciate the comment, and you are good to call me on it. I think I need to remove the structure of the blog… there is something about requiring myself to do it that takes away from the intrinsic enjoyment. That being said, you are wrong in your assessment that I “don’t have time for it… (or that my heart isn’t in it anymore).”

      I haven’t made time for it. That doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. My participation in the space comes in waves. I do what I can.

    • Just read your latest post and you forgot to mention how you failed at keeping up with this blog. Just saying it like it is.

      • And who are you to make this conclusion, exactly?

        This blog has touched thousands of people. It still continues to do that.

        On another note, the author here writes when she has an inspiration to write. She is not on a schedule to produce something on a bi-weekly basis.

        P.S. Jenny, Happy New Year to you!


      • becomingjennie

        January 12, 2013

        you sweet thing. thanks Jessica. xo

      • Kristy

        April 3, 2014

        This is Jennie’s blog, not Kelly’s. If you do not like it read something else. There are many that do enjoy Jennie’s blog just the way it is! Why would you want to add such negativity to something others find beautiful. Your opinions are disgusting.

  5. Hi, Jennie! I know you don’t often post here anymore, and that’s okay (I used to have a blog and failed at it miserably after a year or so… life gets in the way!) I want you to know that I didn’t know who you were before Celebrity Rehab, but I identify with you, and saw a lot of myself in you. That really surprised me because I have NO experience with some of the sexual traumas you’ve gone through. But I AM in recovery, and I saw in you another addict that was desperate to get better. I’m glad to see you’re succeeding. Reading your blog is enlightening, and I’m glad to hear so much “recovery speak” in these pages. It tells me you take your sobriety seriously, you continue to put the work in, and you are committed to helping others see that there is a better way. Please know that you’ve touched a lot of people’s lives for the better. Not as Penny (I don’t even know her!) but as Jennie. Keep working your program!


  6. Torey Collins

    October 9, 2013

    I won’t to be a writer and I loved your story about self enlightenment in redemption. I liked you as a adult actress but after leaning your story made me fill bad for how I view you I’m sorry about that in now reading your book has made me stop object woman I’m started a new path .



  7. cathyannkailee

    November 18, 2013

    Dear sweet Jennie, I just finished watching sex rehab (we are a little behind here in Australia lol) and I absolutely loved you in the show.
    I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes at times and I truly admired every one of you for putting yourselves out there and being so honest. As a victim myself who has always kept what i went through to myself I could relate to many of you and it also helped me with some therapy so I Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
    I hope you have all kept intouch. The friendships you made were very touching for the viewers to watch. I really loved watching you and Amber.
    So after the last episode I googled you all to see how you all are doing now years later and I came across your blog.
    I have not read your blog yet I’m just about to start and I’m looking forward to it.
    I hope you are well and you are happy
    I will message you when I finish reading
    Thankyou Cathy xxx


  8. Swen Nater

    October 30, 2014

    I am in the process of reading your book. P.D.A. (Pur-Dang Amazing). Congrats to you! Excellent book, hard to put it down.

  9. Jennie
    I am, very likely, not your typical reader. 36, married, with a wife, two kids and a professor at a law school. Just a short comment to say that your journey has been an inspiration to me. So human, so much wisdom acquired through pain, so much strength. What ultimately resonates with me is your courage to be vulnerable and to learn about yourself. Just wanted to say I appreciate you and wish you the best.


    • becomingjennie

      December 31, 2015

      I never thanked you for this comment, and for the well wishes. May you have the most wonderful year to come, and live each moment in each moment. All the best to your beautiful family.

  10. Your story sounds awesome, Jennie. Keep up the good fight.

    I searched for it but couldn’t find anything. Being new to blogs, I didn’t know where else to ask. I have a question: what are your thoughts about the Belle Knox situation? Would you agree with her position that pornography can be an act of female empowerment? Does it, as she wants to suggest, fulfill the objectives and goals of the women’s rights movement? Is she right? Is she wrong? Is she partially right and wrong? Is she naive?

    I know it’s a totally loaded question that one cannot necessarily answer in “tweet” but, like I said, I wondered.

    Again, keep up the good fight.

  11. hi jennie, keep on going young lady. I’ve always liked you. Do good with this thing. I want to see you make the world a better place. I’m addicted to porn and I know that it ruins lives. Can’t wait to read your biographical book.


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