“Perfection Adjacent”

April 3, 2012


The Perfect Day

Lawd. Have. Mercy. It’s over. Thank you Margieville, for the incredible and succinct description of my statistically insignificant completion. I don’t know if I’ve squeaked by with a B- (you brilliant thing you!) but I have most likely passed. And right now, that is all that matters. Never before have I  let those words escape […]

Statistics of Self-Caring

March 28, 2012



I had myself a little mental breakdown last week, over pounds and milk and cows and the probability a Jersey cow will produce more than an Ayrshire cow. The breakdown wasn’t just for me though, because Mr. Man also had the pleasure of partaking in this completely statistically predictable meltdown. How often I forget that […]


March 6, 2012


I seem to have a nasty little habit of self-neglect. This is something that has become glaringly obvious in the past few weeks, as I’ve renewed my commitment to sobriety. Emotional, substance, mental, behavioral, the whole lot of compulsive and addictive behaviors are packed neatly into a treasure chest of addiction, no more to be […]

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Official: College Student?

February 15, 2012


So, nearly a month in and I think it’s safe to say that I am officially a college student. Not that I wasn’t a student before, but now at a college that can give me a degree in Psychology, getting more and more excited about my education while becoming more and more aware of the […]

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Dearest Jennie, the Year is Winding Down

December 26, 2011


Dearest Jennie, The year is winding down dear friend, and lord knows it’s been a long road. A couple deaths, a couple births, some big accomplishments and some medium let-downs. I’d like to say this year hasn’t been any different than the others, but I think we both know that the memories are. This past […]

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December 19, 2011


The close of the semester has come and gone, the finals, the stress, the slight cold that comes from my immune system shutting down in response to that stress… This month has already been a roller coaster ride of emotions, and because I haven’t had the time, or perhaps the emotional stamina to do so, […]

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Giving Thanks

November 24, 2011


For all my life, I would like to give thanks. For the hard days that were sprinkled amidst the best, I would like to give thanks. For the tears that were shed, infrequently, and between laughter and joy, I would like to give thanks. For the family I once had, and the family I have […]


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