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Back to School Shopping

August 23, 2011


I keep having dreams about school. Not the dream where I show up naked and forget I had a test, but the dream where I keep going to the same class all week and totally forgo all my other classes. Each morning, after the dream, I wake in a cold sweat, unsure if the school […]

Going Back

August 16, 2011


For a long time, in my previous life and previous career, I made secret plans of moving out to the middle of nowhere. My roommate, Taylor, will vouch for this, as he came home many nights to find me house hunting on various Realty websites. Ultimately, the location of my dream house often depended on […]

The Cherry’s Pit

August 1, 2011


Yesterday marked a very big day in the imminent finality of my book project. I’ve begun to think of the book as a project, an ongoing adventure and experiment in the ever expanding, ever brightening journey of life. I realize that in the beginning of the project, I saw it as a task, as something […]