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Feelings in motion

January 28, 2011


I spent my therapy session with Jill yesterday a blathering mess of emotionally sticky tears. I told her about the post, about not doing anything or moving forward. I also confessed to watching two episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy,” that had me in an even bigger, sticky, emotionally messy situation as well. Apparently, I am still […]

Classroom in motion.

January 27, 2011


“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” -Winston Churchill It is strange how all these years have gone by, how so much time has elapsed and I’ve never felt the need to be back in a classroom until now. For some reason, the first time I quit going to school I didn’t feel as if I […]

Driving Down

January 24, 2011


As some of you may know, my Dad was recently transferred for his job and will be moving to Africa soon. And as the days that comprise “soon” grow smaller and smaller, and I realize how grateful I am to have him in my life, whether he is here, Washington or Africa, I can’t help […]

The Experiment is Over

January 7, 2011


It’s over. The experiment I wrote about last time. Aside from the fact many people here reminded me I was not helping to the situation by repeatedly shutting doors that did not need to be shut, Jill and I had a good talk and brought up the likelihood that this woman has OCD or some […]

The Woman Behind the Mirror

January 5, 2011


Every day I wake up to the smashing of construction noise. Men yelling orders, cranes lifting, saws buzzing. These noises are all welcome at 10:30a.m. to keep my from sleeping all day– the waitress gig runs fairly late in the evening sometimes and all that running about is really quite exhausting. So the construction starts […]