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And this is why I don’t drink anymore….

August 29, 2009

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It’s funny how there will always be some hater that tries to bring you down. Someone who questions your integrity and capacity to be honest just because. I’m actually kind of grateful, because this is a very clear reason for me to continue not drinking. I turn into an icky, yucky, sloppy drunk girl when […]

The Heat Hits Hollywood

August 27, 2009

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And my feet are dirty. My feet have been dirty for as long as I can remember. The only time when they are not dirty is during winter when I wear argyle socks and boots or kicks and they are covered completely. But every summer, the sandals come out and the filth completely takes to […]

A day of days…

August 23, 2009

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Today was a lovely day. Started off painting, finished off painting, and explored my clothed modeling potential throughout the hours in between. I drank way too much coffee this morning, felt a little shaky when painting, so called it quits and hustled off to pick up Angel and go meet Teri Montoya, a lovely photographer […]

Most Awkward Experience Ever Dot Com

August 22, 2009

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I am not one to step on toes, and tonight, its possible I accidently trampled some. Certainly not with any cruel intent, no malicious or mean spirited foot stomping, but tonight’s events lead me to believe that this may have not been the best decision ever. Sometimes, doing the right thing just isn’t the right […]

I have a pretty cool trapperkeeper

August 20, 2009

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So…..the dance class. I sat outside terrified to go in. Terrified, as I had mentioned, that I would not be able to move or groove or do any of the things I was once able to do. I sat outside on the phone with E-Deezy, who calmly told me that my trapperkeeper will do just […]

Beginning from scratch

August 18, 2009

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In a different post I mentioned the flood of memories, the things that used to be meaningful to me but over periods of time I lost the drive, the motivation, the enthusiasm that it takes to keep at something. I’d like to discuss my fears here, so that hopefully, by tomorrow, they are dispelled among […]

Back to the Grind…

August 17, 2009

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Home again, home again, jiggity jig. After a long day of layovers and flight changes, of letting go of the city in eternal motion and sleepless abandon, I am grateful to be back with Ms. Saucerton Dogsworth and Kittypie, back to lala land where helicopters swoop around my home ever mindful of the streets happenings, […]