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Interested in booking Jennifer Ketcham to speak at your next event?
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  1. muhammad mansoor mirza

    September 1, 2012

    hello jenny i my name is mansoor mirza today i watched a documentry on National geographic about (Inside las Vegas prostitution industry, i am shocked to know the harsh facts that you ppl have faced , literally i cant stop my tears after knowing the facts , i am still unable to under stand why ppl dont fear from god , that they have to pay for their deeds for their aggression and their brutality towards week and innocent, even all both religions Christianity (yours), and Islam (mine ) pays respect to women as Mother, sister , Wife and daughter

  2. Hey Jenny,
    You don’t know me, but I wanted to take the time and thank you for your courage and strength. It is so hard to face your inner demons, let alone do it in front of cameras on national televsion. But you took the time and took the risk to evaluate yourself and change your life for the better. I was never into reality shows or rehab shows, but my sister is obsessed with them. I used to go over to her house to hang out, and she would always insist on watching “Sex Rehab”. After awhile, I realized that I was watching real people with real problems, and you stood out to me as someone who is genuine and human. So thanks for showing the rest of us that, no matter how deep into something you are, no matter how much it is engrained into your life, you can always make the choice to change, for the better or worse. Good luck in your endeavors and keep on “becoming Jennie”. – Gabe

  3. Hey Jen!
    Just wanted to say big ups! Much respect!


  4. Larry Phillips

    January 11, 2013

    Hey Jennie,
    I really enjoyed your journey on Celebrity Rehab and I look forward to reading your book. Do you have a link or a store where I can get an signed copy? It would mean a lot.

  5. I just finished your book and found it absolutely truthful and it felt like you we’re being your authentic self. There are many similarities between us. I found your book at the right time in my life & wish I had a Jennie blanket, journal & candle too

  6. once a whore always a whore. Now you’re a media whore ?


  7. Christopher Walker

    July 23, 2016

    Hi Jennifer,
    We met in Atlanta ten years ago. I was the bar back at Gold Rush. I still have this Polaroid of us at the club.
    Hope all is well.



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