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Morning Monday

November 30, 2009


As I sit here drinking my coffee, and listening to the sounds of Hollywood going to work~ the cars driving past my street holding sleepy or freshly caffeinated residents of this city of angels~ I can’t help but think about last nights show. And probably not what you’d assume I’d be thinking about. It was […]

Leaving the Frustration Station

November 29, 2009


After a bit of thought, and a little advice from friends and a wonderful program that provides a way of living, some things are clearer, such as the reasoning behind my frustration and desire to stop at this undeserved station. There are times when my pride gets in the way of my vision, especially the […]

Frustration Station

November 28, 2009


Hi, my name is Jennie, I’m an American writer, artist, TV personality and FORMER adult pornographic star, director and studio manager. For some reason, this line has been deleted from my Wiki page, and it seems to be someone very upset with the notion that I may be all of these things, and not just […]

Black Friday isn’t so Black…

November 27, 2009


Every year around this time, I find myself working as much as humanly possible to ensure a plethora of gifts for my family come Christmas time. I also overload on the work because typically, during the holiday season and January, the adult business shuts down as a whole, people taking time off from shooting porn […]

A day of giving thanks….

November 26, 2009


I am thankful to have woken up next to my two snugglebugs this morning, Saucy yawning in my face with stinky morning dog breath and kitty meowing at her because she was a bit too close. Yesterday, I took a nap with them, Sauce cuddled up next to me, kitty walked over and put her […]

Meeting the Quota

November 25, 2009


I woke this morning at 4:30 to shower and hustle my ass over to the Westside to do the radio tour promoting the Sex Rehab show. I love doing radio, you don’t have to look pretty, the cough button is ready when you are, and they usually put me on a delay because you never […]

Some Additional Information…

November 24, 2009


Every morning when I wake up, I hop on the internet, check out the news and then surf my way over to blogland, my morning place of remembrance, the place where I begin to sort out my day, or in some cases, tie it up with a big bow. This morning a comment came up […]

Oprah…. Holy Freaking Crap.

November 23, 2009


I ran down to Dr. Reef Karim’s office today to watch the Oprah segment on Sex Addiction. I figured there is no safer place, or better people to watch with than my very doctory man shrink, his lovely assistant, and in the beautiful room that is my therapeutic place. I’d taken Saucy on a hike, […]

A beautiful morning in lala land

November 22, 2009


Last night I snuggled my animals like I never have before. Sauce slept on my right side, with her head cuddled into my armpit, and kitty slept on my right, occasionally walking over my head to make sure I’m still there. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until this morning, when I didn’t […]

I’m baaaaaaacccckkkkk bia

November 21, 2009


That’s right I’m back, and grateful to be sitting on my dome shaped yoga ball updating my blog after 5 days at sea, and 5 days adventuring through NYC. I’ve learned some pretty amazing things about myself in the time I’ve been gone, and have written a great deal in my journal, as internet access […]

A rainy day on the other side

November 14, 2009


I’m starting my third day off in Brooklyn, had quite the time yesterday lost in downtown on the ultimate hunt for cheesecake, I decided (once again) that I am entirely capable of finding my way through an entirely new city, which obviously isn’t possible if I’ve never been here and can’t tell north from south. […]

3rd attempt at posting this fucking entry

November 13, 2009


This is m third attempt: I finally found a computer and the mac will ensure that iphone doesn’t erase my words. From yesterday: Over 6 wrong trains have proved that while I thoroughly enjoy adventuring, my sense of direction in the underground labyrinth that is the NYC subway doesn’t amount to shit and though fun […]

If this is anything like having children…

November 11, 2009


Today I ran around like a madwoman with no head. Or is it a chicken without breasts? Today was a full full full day and I did my best to accomplish every necessary thing before my journey off to NYC, and then onto Mexico. I have an adventurous couple of days coming up, and there […]

Frustration Station

November 10, 2009


I wrote this lovely entry this morning around 6am only to log in now and find that it has disappeared completely. I wrote it on my iPhone, then turned off the phone while it was updating, or doing something of a Mac nature, and dwammo. Gonzo. That’s okay though, I can let go of things, […]

Today is a good day to write…

November 7, 2009


Some days I feel more on than others. Some days, I feel as though words flow effortlessly from my fingertips to either the keyboard or my journal, and that those words convey the exact feelings I’m experiencing. While today hasn’t necessarily progressed into that fluid movement type of moment, I’m starting to realize how important […]